Our nail-art platform ‘Gelato’ has achived 700k downloads, 170k MAU, 2 million nail images and 3 billion user views. Our nail-art platform ‘Gelato’ is suggesting the most trendy nail art design.

Gelato has now been the most popular application not only for the people who love nail-art but also for the nail-artists who is working in nail salons
Gelato’s 700K users browse over 2 million nail art images. This data is collected and analyzed to understand current trends. Our product brand ‘Gelato Factory’ makes this trend into real product. As such, Gelato Factory is able to produce nail products that reflect current data and trends.

In order to get a manicure or pedicure, the customers are required to go through inconvenient or uncomfortable reservation processes including making a phone call. In a similar vein, if one applys manicure at home, it is not only hard to purchase the right product for yourself, but also difficult to paint your nails elaborately. Gelato Factory wants to make a nail product that can solve both problems of nail salon and DIY at home.

Since launching our brand ‘Gelato Factory’ on November, 2017, we have sold over 2.5 million products. We have released over 200 designs to suggest the new nail-art trend every week. Now 110k people are following us to hear our new product release.